Antonia is an Elf Druid hired by Lord Artemis Sterling as a mercenary.

History Edit

Antonia, alongside Rowan, was hired by Lord Artemis Sterling as a mercenary, and as an escort through the Felicity Wilds. During their travels, they encounter the Tres Horny Boys battling a chimera, which they help defeat. Despite protests from Artemis Sterling, both groups decide to travel together to Wonderland. During their travels, Antonia asks Merle if his tree arm means he is part dryad, and is disappointed when he says it was given to him by Pan.

Upon reaching Wonderland, Antonia sees a billboard with her name on it, displaying an anatomically correct wooden heart called "Heart of the Forest". After apologizing for Sterling's behavior, she, alongside Rowan and Sterling, head into Wonderland.

Antonia is last seen after everyone trapped in Wonderland has been freed[1]. Having apparently sacrificed her eyes and some of her age, she thanks the Boys for saving them from Wonderland, and also forgives them for betraying her group earlier.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Antonia

Fan Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is named after listener Antonia, @toniarina on Twitter.

References Edit

  1. Ep. 57: The Suffering Game - Chapter Seven

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