Avi is a member of the Bureau of Balance. He mans the cannonball conveyance system: the massive cannons and glass cannonballs used by agents of the Bureau when they need to travel planetside in their search for the Grand Relics. He's a very chill guy who is always ready and willing to share his ample supply of fantasy alcohols.[1]

He hails from Brandybuck, but don't tell any copyright lawyers that, because that's a town from Lord of the Rings.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Avi

Fan Art Edit

Taako Tuesdays -- Avi

Trivia Edit

  • Avi was named for @aviwarner
  • Avi had an uncle in Phandalin, luckily it was not his favorite uncle.
  • Avi likes to lift weights and bro out.
  • When Avi is planetside in Episode 41, Angus nervously mans the cannon in his stead.

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Avi shares his brandy with the boys in Ep. 7: Moonlighting - Chapter One and it helps them orient themselves.

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