Barbara is a member of the Hammerhead gang who has the misfortune of encountering the Tres Horny Boys in Petals to the Metal.

History Edit

We first meet Barbara when he is guarding the gate to the Hammerhead HQ. He is fooled when Taako casts Disguise Self to look like Little Jerry and asks to use the toilet. Kindly, Barbara offers to accompany Little Jerry (Taako) to the outhouse. On their way back, they encounter the real Little Jerry, who Taako puts to sleep with a spell and accuses of being an imposter.  

Little Jerry is Barbara's favorite Hammerhead, but when it becomes clear that the disguised Taako is not his ol’ pal Li’l Jerry, Barbara becomes incensed. 

Barbara challenges Taako to say Barbara's name, which Taako fails. Meanwhile, Magnus runs up and attempts to “cleft [Barbara] in twain,” which doesn’t quite cut him in half, but does kill him.

Deciding that hiding the body is better than burning a healing spell, our heroes go through Barbara’s pockets and throw his corpse off the cliffs of Goldcliff.

Here ends the tale of Barbara the Booth Guard, who got mixed up in something he couldn’t possibly understand.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Ability to guard a gate.
  • Eventually, insight past Disguised Selves.
  • Ability to avoid getting cleft completely in twain, but still super die from an attack with an axe.

Items Edit

Current Items Edit

The dead have no items, especially not after Taako is done with them.

Former items Edit

  • Photo of his family (they look pretty fantasy racist)
  • 300 gold coins, possibly won in a game of poker
  • Key to the guard booth at Hammerhead HQ

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