Barry J. Bluejeans is a fighter who escorted Gundren Rockseeker to Phandalin. He is around fifty years old and a little bit on the overweight side. He resembles actor Tom Arnold. He was originally thought to have died in the destruction of Phandalin.

History Edit

Petals to the Metal Edit

For more information, see the Red Robes page.

The Crystal Kingdom Edit

For more information, see the Red Robes page.

The Suffering Game Edit

During the events of the arc, an anonymous Red Robe helps the boys to escape from Wonderland by creating an exit during the Boss Rush, and assisting them during the fight against Edward and Lydia. After they escape, the Red Robe leads them to a cave near the Goblin Hideout from the first arc, where it reveals itself to be Barry Bluejeans.

Items Edit

Former Items Edit

  • Rough Leather Armor
  • Unknown Letter
  • A literal pair of blue jeans
  • A coin enchanted to repeat his lich form's instructions

Current Items Edit

  • White cotton shirt
  • Studded leather belt
  • Blue jeans
  • Red robe

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Barry

Fan Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Barry was originally named Sildar Hallwinter before being changed on-the-fly during the recording of the first episode.
  • Barry is afraid of the dark and allergic to milk.
  • Before Ep. 62, Barry did not know how to swim. Thanks to Taako, he now does.
  • Barry is in a romantic relationship with Lup.

References Edit

  1. Griffin's Twitter. "confession: every time i name an RPG character during an event demo session, I try to make the demo handler laugh. I have never succeeded."
  2. Griffin's Twitter "Examples: Barry Bluejeans (attn: @evanminsker), Kevin Neckbeard, Brock Throbstone, Frasier"

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