Brad "The Motivator" Bradson is a guest player character in The Balance Arc campaign. He is controlled by Stuart Wellington. He is an orc bard and member of the Bureau of Balance in the Human Resources sector. His goal is to find his own truth and motivate his coworkers. His first and only appearance was in The Adventure Zone: MaxFunCon East Live.

History Edit

Family Edit

Brad is from a tribe of hill people. His father was Brad the Bloodthirsty. His grandfather was Brad the Bonebreaker.

MaxFunCon East Live Edit

In this episode, he accompanies Tres Horny Boys as they face the trials of Camp Goodfriend. Among other noteworthy events, he loses a fraction of his ponytail due to the actions of Magnus Burnsides.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Bardic Inspiration

Spells Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Likes rubies.
  • Is an orator, making all of his motivational mini-speeches bard magic. Technically his instrument is oratory.
  • He's been working on his pony tail for 25 years.
  • Would go as far as considering death his "own truth."
  • Brad likes to party, brews his own beer at home, and collects stamps. Brad doesn't share this information with the people around him, and considers his limiting "work relationships" a flaw.

Quotes Edit

BRAD: You've gotta trust in the Universe to provide. Death, sometimes.