Brogden works as a bank teller at Refuge's bank. She is about middle-aged with long red hair and some whiskers. She also wears nice clothes and glasses with round rims.

In many loops, she is badly injured after the explosion at the bank (like she has one hit point left). After inhaling smoke, she’s coughing a lot.

Featured episodes Edit

  • Episode 42: We first meet Brogden. Magnus pulls her, nearly dead, from the burning bank. Merle creepily finds her a bit attractive, and she asks “Who… the fu… are you guys?” Merle casts Mass Healing Word on her and the burnt up ruffian, allowing her to regain some of her health.
  • Episode 43: Same story, Magnus pulls her from the burning bank, she asks, “Who… the hell… are you?” and Magnus asks her name — it’s Brogden. He sets her down and she passes out.
  • Episode 46: Bank robbery!

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