Commitment is the second campaign of The Adventure Zone and the first intermission campaign.

Premise Edit

Nadiya Jones, Irene Baker and Chris "Remy" Rembrandt are three out of twelve new recruits to a humanitarian organization called the Do Good Fellowship. The Research and Development department of the Do Good Fellowship has just made a major technical breakthrough and are now recruiting these twelve people, representing each of the Fellowship's twelve departments, to be given superhuman abilities.

Characters Edit

Player Characters Edit

Episodes Edit

Setup Edit

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Ep. 0: Setup - The Adventure Zone: Commitment September 5, 2017 Listen 1:22:11
As we prepare for Season Two of The Adventure Zone, we're going to be doing a handful of short-form, experimental arcs, taking turns running new games and exploring new genres. Our first experiment is a super hero story created by Dad, who's running us through the Fate system! Come learn the basics of the Fate rules, and meet the new characters we'll be playing over the next couple of episodes.

Commitment Edit

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Adventure Zone: Commitment - Episode 1 October 19, 2017 Listen 1:02:55
Our new heroes attend a corporate mixer for the Do-Good Fellowship that will change the course of their very lives. The first chapter in Clint's superhero story, taking place inside of the Fate system. Remy embarks on a slider quest. Nadiya threatens a co-worker. Irene solves a particularly difficult employee benefit issue.

Trivia Edit

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