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The Balance Arc is the first and current campaign of The Adventure Zone.

Summary Edit

The Balance Arc focuses on a trio of adventurers named Taako, Merle, and Magnus who, after the first arc, work for an organization called the Bureau of Balance, led by a mysterious director. Their job is to find and retrieve powerful and ancient relics that, in the wrong hands, could potentially destroy the world. During their adventures, they meet a boy detective, fight robots, and discover the true meaning of friendship (and a reality destroying horror).

Characters Edit

Player Characters Edit

Guest Player Characters Edit

NPCs Edit

Major NPCs Edit

Supporting NPCs Edit

Bonus Episodes Exclusive NPCs Edit

Minor NPCs Edit

Antagonists Edit

Major Antagonists Edit

Minor Antagonists Edit

Story Arcs Edit

The Balance Arc's story arcs are broken up into Stories, beginning with Here There Be Gerblins. In between each story arc, MagnusTaako, and Merle return to the Bureau of Balance's Moonbase for a trip to Fantasy Costco and some character management (Lunar Interludes).

Story 1: Here There Be Gerblins Edit

The humble beginnings of the Tres Horny Boys, off on their first quest!

Story 2: Murder on the Rockport Limited Edit

It's a train based adventure! Imagine Murder on the Orient Express (only with infinitely more Juicy Wizards and technicolor bowties).

Story 3: Petals to the Metal Edit

2 Fantasy 2 Furious in this epic tale of battlewagon battles. Think Mad Max meets Wacky Races meets three fantasy dummies.

Story 4: The Crystal Kingdom Edit

King Midas gone Crystal. Also, a rich world of fantasy elevators.

Story 5: The Eleventh Hour Edit

The gang flaunts their new breezy summer looks in Refuge... over and over again.

Story 6: The Suffering Game Edit

Merle, Magnus, and Taako head to Wonderland. What could go wrong?

Story 7: The Stolen Century Edit

Before the beginning of the end, we return to the beginning of the beginning. Leave the D20s behind for this Powered by the Apocalypse interlude.

Lunar Interludes Edit

Back to the Bureau of Balance to antagonize BoB employees, visit Fantasy Costco, and level up! Oh, and there's some real long-term plot stuff that is probably happening.

Bonus Episodes Edit

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