These verses, which are sung throughout the Crystal Kingdom arc, seem to come from the crystal that encases Lucas's lab. Later it is implied that the songs are sung by Lucas's mother Maureen, and by Legion.

Verse 1

(featured in The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter 2)

Pulled from my home inside a cloud

lost to the dark I drift alone

now I'm returned beyond the shroud

ever to reign upon my throne

here in my Crystal Kingdom

Verse 2

(featured in The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter 4)

I saw beyond the universe

far past the places we should see

but for my vision I was cursed

torn from my home and family

lost to my Crystal Kingdom

Verse 3

(featured in The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter 7)

Saved from the darkness by my child

locked in a cage of glass and steel

but my true love remains in exile

beckoning me to break the seal

into this Crystal Kingdom

Verse 4

(featured in The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter 10)

Kept from our children, lovers, friends

subject to laws we did not make

this is where separation ends

and souls of the lost will come awake

enter this Crystal Kingdom

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