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Ep. 28: Lunar Interlude 2 - Internal Affairs

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Who's ready to do some character management!? ...c'mon guys, we've got to do it at some point. It's the Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

Our heroes return to the Bureau of Balance's moonbase after a job kind-of well done. They've got a lot waiting for them: A heated debrief, a major change in the payroll and, of course, a visit to everyone's favorite fantasy bulk shopping outlet. Magnus makes a tentacle connection. Merle gets Zone of Truth-blocked. Taako really just wants to get down on some Quiznos.

Money Zone Edit

Personal message for Seth, from Mary Magdalene: Happy second week of being 21. The Jumbotron on your birthday got sold out, but still, here's a belated happy birthday from our favorite DM. Thank you for being on my side always, especially this year, through thesis breakdowns and graduation insecurities.  You're a good boy and I love you. Now it's time to hit the bars, you and me, brother bear!

Personal message for Adam, from UCI Pals: Adam, you had a big boo-boo, but you're getting better now. Your recovery must be blessed by Poseidon. May your gills pump hard and your swim bladder be ever inflated. Mend well, and someday you too shall be a great champion in the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. I hope the McElroys left that last part in. Best fishes—or wishes—from your old fish buddies.

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