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Ep. 40: Lunar Interlude III - Rest & Relaxation

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What kind of nasty things do our boys get into betwixt adventures? I'm almost afraid to find out in... The Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

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The Money Zone Edit

For Mike, Our Benevolent God of DM, from Mina, Jameson, Thoridin, Lamey, Rupert, and Also Named Ruperty, and Dan Halen: Hi fellow DM!  I'm also a DM! Happy birthday! We know it's hard DM-ing us, but you do it so well.  Remember when Lamey killed a girl; Thoridin took a nap instead of saving us from the dick cream shop; and Jameson tried to kill a dragon by putting on a Spyro costume? Thanks for being a benevolent DM. Please don't kill us. Love, the worst D&D players ever.

For Erica, 'round Seattle, from Zack, 'round 'Francisco: Saying goodbye to a longtime friend. The McElroys seemed like the best vehicle to deliver how sad I am to be leaving. Will miss our bad movie days more than I can possibly express. You're an awesome friend, and I hope by the power of the Interwebs that doesn't change. If you ever need to see a cat talk again, you're always welcome in Cali. 

For Cosmos Craig, from Mom and Dad: Hey Cosmos!  That's right, buddy, you just heard your name on the Adventure Zone podcast.  Why? Because your parents rock, of course! We couldn't get your name as a character because we have exactly zero interest in tweeting, but here it is on the podcast anyway. Cosmos Cosmos Cosmos. We hope when you are older you realize how cool we were for letting you-- [sic]

For Stephanie, from Dana: Thank you for the last few years of love, fun, and creativity. I'm so honored and lucky to be marrying you this October. I love you with all my heart. P.S. Let's get those wedding invitations for Travis, Griffin and Justin in the mail ASAP. 

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