That's enough dilly-dallying and pussyfooting around. These heroes are out of time! It's the Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

Their prize secured, our heroes look to close out their final loop in Refuge by doing something unprecedented: They try to keep everyone in town from exploding, for once. Merle does some stargazing. Taako encounters an old friend. Magnus opens a tube.



The Money Zone Edit

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A Heroic Sacrifice Edit

[44:00] ROSWELL: Okay, you all have done some great work here. I need you to trust me right now! Trust me! Taako? [pause] Tell me that I made Refuge safe. Just do it. Tell me that I made Refuge safe.
[44:10] TAAKO: Roswell. You made Refuge safe.
[44:14] GRIFFIN: As you say that, uh, Roswell starts to expand, like they did in the bank. And, uh, Roswell says,
[44:20] ROSWELL: Thanks a lot, fellas.

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