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Ep. 50: Lunar Interlude IV - The Calm Before The Storm

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Ha! Bet you goobers didn't see that one coming! What other tasty turns and twists await you in... the Adventure Zone!?

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

Our heroes have some well-earned free time between missions, although some of their sidequests are a bit more relaxing than others. Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas. Taako has a date with death. Merle spends time with some VIPs. Magnus takes a swim.

Interlude Activities Edit

Taako invites Kravitz to the Chug N Squeeze — it's a wine and pottery franchise — to discuss the additional deaths in Refuge while drinking Cabernet & making vases. Although Taako ignores the "vases" part and instead makes a bowl.

Towards the end of the date, Kravitz thinks he might sense an undead spirit but can't figure out what it is. Meanwhile, the umbrastaff attempts to shoot a Scorching Ray at Kravitz but Taako aims it at the sky.

Merle is in Neverwinter when he realizes he's being followed — by Angus McDonald. Then it turns out that Merle is there for a visit with his kids: stepdaugher Mavis and son Mookie.

As the visit is winding down, an out-of-control wagon careens down the street and almost hits the kids. But it is mysteriously diverted. Merle sees the Red Robe, who has apparently diverted it before disappearing.

Magnus is still dealing with the scroll that June gave him at the end of the Eleventh Hour arc. After looking at it again, and not being able to understand, he goes for a swim with the voidfish. The voidfish attempts to communicate with him but keeps running into static. It appears that the voidfish knows things about Magnus' past that he himself does not.

After the swim, he reads Johann's transcription of the voidfish's song and discovers that the notes spell out E-G-G-B-A-B-E.

[money zone]

Weird Phone Call Interlude Edit

Travis gets a phone call about an apartment. Griffin, Justin, and Clint make golf-style commentary about it.

Fantasy Gachapon Edit

  • Magnus: Ring of the Giant Slayer
  • Merle: Broom of Flying (aka the Vroom Broom)
  • Taako: Band of Projected Thought (also, Taako basically breaks Leon by doing a dumb stunt with Mislead and has to look up his item himself)

Fantasy Costco Edit

Merle buys the Ring of the Grammarian and decides to save the rest so he can buy the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom. Someday, if he makes enough money.

Magnus buys the Pocket Workshop, and because it doesn't come with the advertised distortion field, gets Garfield to include the Grappling Hook as well...if Magnus gives up a few sideburn hairs.

Taako buys The Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles and the Rickul Axager's Pocket Guide to Adventuring, Third Edition (giving up his Ring of Pointing for store credit)...which he then uses together to bargain for...the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom. Which he only just wants to use as flair.

[leveling up occurs. they are now level 12.]

Epilogue Edit

Griffin describes a room (cave?) of someone who appears to be tracking the Relics and has a map of the BOB HQ.


The Money Zone Edit

Featured NPCs Edit

Featured Music Edit

Into the Quarry

Featured Locations Edit

Quotes Edit

Instructor: Hey, it's vase day! It's Cab and Vase! No bowls!

Kravitz: Was this call for business or pleasure?

Taako: Yeah, I mean, a little bit of both.

References Edit

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