Before the day the hunger arrived, before this... crisis, before Wonderland, before the time-sick town, and the crystal lab, before races and trains and moon bases and gauntlets, before the beach, and the sizzling, and the roost... Before everything I've told you, there was a journey beyond imagination. Seven explorers lost their home to the same force that threatens us now. Their impossible trajectory carried them between wild, desolate, beautiful, deadly worlds, where they experienced terrible hardships, and experienced immeasurable joy.They lived and died and loved and, in the end, forgot. It's time to remember. It's time to go back to where our story truly starts, because only then can we truly prepare for how it ends. It's the Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

We're nearly at our journey's end -- but before we can understand what lies ahead, we must first return to this story's true beginning. What brought our heroes together to the crisis they face today? What happened to the memories of their dear, forgotten friends? And just how long have they been running away? Taako learns a new language. Merle eats some beans. Magnus trains under an unlikely teacher.

The episode starts with a promotional video explaining The Light Of Creation, saying that it holds immense power, and was likely used in the creation of the universe.


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