Our heroes’ journey has been difficult… But they've been lucky. I wonder what happens when that luck runs out. It's The Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

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The Hunger pursues, and our heroes escape. They’ve been keeping up the chase for decades now, evading without fail. But the Hunger’s getting faster. The journey’s getting harder. The team must take drastic steps, just to stay afloat. We’re nearly caught up, now. Merle writes his story. Magnus breaks his bonds. Taako plans a very good day.

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  • SPOILERS: The Justices Audit Deeds to Come

They willingly tear out their souls
They shatter the very will of God
Who are they to take the fate of the world in their hands
They'll burn the world down around them
We must find the seventh harbinger
There will be a necessary betrayal
They abandon their family
They run away from the town they kill
They run away from the town they let die
They kill so many goblins, such brutality, for what
They're a moment too late, the town will be engulfed
They kill him in the street, threw his body off a cliff, torn apart by dogs
They take time from their rescue to steal from the bank
They assault the guardian of clay, they know They'll forget
So much cruelty towards a child who loves them
He took the guards with them, left them for the monster
The terrible choice, it is not theirs to make
It is nobody's to make

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