You're ready. Ready for the final piece of our story. Ready for the end to begin... It's The Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

Synopsis Edit

Full transcript available here.

Our heroes' memories have returned. At the end of everything, will they stand together against the encroaching darkness? Or will their past sins leave them irrevocably driven apart?

Featured NPCs Edit

Featured Music Edit

Quotes Edit

Taako is done Edit

TAAKO: I have nothing, and I don’t give a shit. The world is ending, and I. Don't. Care.

Animal Handling Xtreme Edit

TRAVIS: I am going to jump onto the back of the rhinoceros.
GRIFFIN: [exasperatedly] Of course you are.

Lup's back Edit

LUP: You're dating the grim reaper?!

References Edit

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