The Fantasy Gashapon is located at the Bureau of Balance and is run by Leon the Artificer, a long-suffering gnome.

Description Edit

It allows Magnus, Merle, and Taako to receive items on the basis of chance. They place a coin in the Gashapon machine, turn the crank, and an item rolls out. They sometimes find this very difficult to do.

The Gashapon is located in Leon the Artificer's office, which has a desk in front of it, and a very large book laid out on the desk.

Items Edit

Please click here for a beautifully formatted version of these lists by Reddit user fishgutsd.

Item Character Episode d20
Railsplitter Magnus Ep. 9 6
Ring of Frost Taako Ep. 9 16
True Heart Clasp Merle Ep. 9 19
Fletcher's Mitt Magnus Ep. 17 11
Gustmaster 5000 Taako Ep. 17 16
Slippies of Haste Merle Ep. 17 10
Cloak of the Manta Ray Taako Ep. 28 8
Defender's Dial Magnus Ep. 28 20
The Physician's Pendant Merle Ep. 28 6
Awareness Frame Merle Ep. 40 17
Feather-Weight Curiass Magnus Ep. 40 2
Hole Thrower Taako Ep. 40 8
Band of Projected Thought Taako Ep. 50 16
Broom of Flying Merle Ep. 50 6
Ring of the Giant Slayer Magnus Ep. 50 14

Fan art Edit

Watch this video. Watch it.

Trivia Edit

  • At the Chaos Stadium, the area beneath the ring acts as a sort of Fantasy Gashapon, allowing players to pull out wrestling props from underneath.

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