The Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom is a sword found at Fantasy Costco.

Description Edit

It features a gigantic blade wreathed in flames with a crooked, oozing scorpion’s stinger affixed to its point. Deals an extra 20 melee damage.

Episodes Edit

  • Ep. 28: The sword is first made available at Fantasy Costco.
  • Ep. 50: The sword was priced at 60,000 gold pieces, which made it prohibitively expensive to Los Tres Horny Boys. However, Taako purchased The Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles from Garfield the Deals Warlock for 900 gold pieces, then immediately traded it back for the sword. Taako immediately put it on his back as an ornament with no intention of using it, much to the dismay of everybody else.
  • Ep. 58: Taako later traded the sword back to Garfield in exchange for the blood Magnus had given him. Unknown to Garfield, Taako cast Drawmij's Instant Summons on the sword ahead of time as part of the ultimate con. He left the summoning sapphire with Magnus, who took possession of it when he returned to his physical body.
  • Ep. 59: Magnus uses the sword on agents of The Hunger. While naked. Gloriously naked.

Trivia Edit

  • The sword was submitted by Colin Williams and introduced in Episode 28.