Question: What happens when Taako casts Phantom Steed?

Answer: GARYL. Per the spell, Garyl is a quasi-real horselike creature.

Initially, Garyl takes the form of a beautiful unicorn, with a big unicorn horn in rainbow colors. When he's first cast, Erasure plays in the background. His whinny travels up the octaves, perfectly tonally.

His mane is more like a mullet, but he is making it work. That's the amazing thing.

Garyl is sort of like an extension of Taako’s spirit. He’s the bold, cool, calm, collected part of Taako’s spirit, so all of his hit points are the same as Taako’s. (Kind of like his Patronus.)

Eventually, Garyl miraculously sprouts another horn to become a majestic BINICORN.[1]

Garyl is so far the only NPC not voiced by Griffin. Because he is a spell of Taako's, Justin takes charge of voicing him.

Every time Garyl reappears, he appears fresh, harboring no memories of anything that came before. He exists only for the duration of the spell, and no longer. He is eternally reborn and endlessly innocent.[2]

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References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Linguistically, this actually doesn't make that much sense. Unicorn has uni- as a prefix. Logically, a unicorn with two horns would be a bicorn. That said, both the DM and the creator of the character have spoken, and Garyl is the only binicorn in the world: linguistically unlikely and statistically magical.
  2. Per Ep. 46, Garyl is not good at metaphors because he's only "30 seconds old." When asked if he loses his memories each time he disappears, Justin says yes. Per Griffin, wow, shit. That's dark.

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