Hodge Podge was an educational robot designed by Lucas Miller. It had access to an encyclopedia database of complete world knowledge, excepting the information destroyed by the Voidfish.

History Edit

Hodge Podge was a robot attached to a pedestal with a LED screen face and a retractable switch in its chest. It was designed as children's toy whose purpose was to educate the kids of tomorrow. It had three settings, Child, Adult, and Master. Hodge Podge's trivia categories were Math, Science, Magic, History, Problem Solving, and Spelling. It was defeated when it was asked an unanswerable question by the trio in the bonus round. (Who do we work for?)

Powers and Abilities Edit

By reading the learner's body signals, Hodge Podge could determine whether the user was an adult or a child, and would adjust the difficulty setting appropriately. It could also deactivate the Stone of Farspeech used to communicate with Lucretia, Angus, and Lucas. It could also activate bursts of fire as a penalty for getting questions wrong and was powered by and connected to the core of Lucas' laboratory.

Questions Edit

  1. Magic: Name a spell.
  2. Spelling: Please spell the name of the magical creature "aarakocra".
  3. Problem Solving: Q. Three houses occupy a lonely village in the wilderness. One house is red, one is yellow, and the other blue. The houses are occupied by three beings: a dwarf, an orc, and a human. One of those three owns the sharpest axe in the land. Another, the most balanced sword in the land. And another, the heaviest hammer in the land. Using the following clues, please tell me: the colour of each house from left to right, the occupants of each house, and the weapons of each person. A. The order of the houses is red, blue, yellow.  The order of the occupants is orc, human, dwarf. The order of the weapons is axe, sword, hammer.
  4. Math and History: Q. Who was the inventor of math? A. Doug Math
  5. Bonus Round: A game where Hodge Podge must be asked a question it cannot answer that is called "Stump Hodge Podge". A: Something that the Voidfish has erased.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Hodge Podge

Trivia Edit

  • Hodge Podge's name and his database of "complete world knowledge" are inspired by actor and humorist John Hodgeman. Griffin McElroy has stated that he considered asking Hodgman to lend his voice to the character, but decided against it.
  • Hodge Podge has a character theme called "Oh Hey, It's HodgePodge!"

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