Jeff Angel is a well-known Fantasy Professional Wrestler. He values three things above all else: Integrity, Hard Work, and Being Nice to Kids. He calls his dad every day. He is a parody of the real life WWE wrestler, John Cena.

Appearance and Entrance Edit

Two large prop angel wings spread out on the sides of the entrance curtain, and from the ceiling swings down a sign announcing Jeff Angel.

Transcript of entrance:

Wearing a pair of blue denim pants that appear to be cut off at the knee, which is a type of wizardry your mind can barely conceive of, wearing two bright green wrist bands and absolutely no shirt, enters Jeff Angel. Half bird, half man with long, bright white feathers and two long, beautiful wings.

Upon entering the ring, Jeff Angel grabs the microphone that's being raised to the catwalk and says, "My name is Jeff Angel, and I value three things above all: Integrity, Hard Work, and Being Nice to Kids! Now, uh, I don't know much about Jess's new partner and manager here, but I do know one thing: these seem like the type of guys that forget to call their dads on their birthdays. Well, Jeff Angel calls his dad every day."

Entrance music Edit

Jeff Angel's Theme

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Flight: As an aarakocra, Jeff Angel can fly.

Spells Edit

Known Merchandise Edit

  • Pin with angel wings
  • Jeff Angel shirts (mostly in children's sizes)

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Jeff Angel

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