Jenkins is an elf acting as the Wizard Assistant for the Rockport Limited train.

History Edit

Jenkins is an elf wizard who is very protective of his spell slots. Introduced during the Murder on the Rockport Limited story arc, he is initially believed to be the eponymous murder victim when a headless and handless body is found wearing his clothes.

It is later revealed that Jenkins is The Rockport Slayer, and that he faked his own death and killed the engineer of the Rockport Limited in an attempt to break into the safe that is holding the weapons and valuables of everyone on the train. After being confronted in the rear train car by Merle, Taako and Magnus, he attempts to trap them in the car by destroying one of his meat golems with a fireball, thus preventing them from using its hand to stop the train. Instead, Jenkins misses the meat golem, and it kills Jenkins by throwing him out of the train.

The Crystal Kingdom Edit

Some time later, Jenkins would return, along with Magic Brian and Maarvey, from the Astral Plane. They would take robotic form and attempt to take vengeance on the main party. Shortly after, Jenkins and his two companions were banished back to the Astral Plane by Merle.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Spells Edit

Jenkins is a wizard, but is often reluctant to use his spell slots (something he is regularly mocked for by Merle, Magnus, and Taako).

Items Edit

Current Items Edit

The dead have no items, especially after Taako is done with them.

Former Items Edit

  • Wand - Eaten by Umbra Staff
  • Technicolor bow tie
  • Dowsing compass
  • Port rod

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Jenkins

Trivia Edit

  • During The Suffering Game arc, the Boys fight a simulacrum of Jenkins in the Boss Rush room.

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Originally said to be spiritually obliterated, but revealed in the next episode to actually be banished.

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