Jess the Beheader is a well-known Fantasy Professional Wrestler and a heel. She also has an axe that is soul-bound to her (but she doesn't use it in the ring).

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Jess has had several wrestling partners. Queen Sabine was her most recent tag-team partner until she got injured.

The Live Boston Stunt Spectacular Edit

After her current tag-team partner, Brock Thickstone, is mysteriously murdered, Jess sends out a letter to the Tres Horny Boys requesting aid in finding his killer. She also asks Magnus to be her new partner for the next Chaos Stadium match. She comes into the match while jeering at the crowd and throwing paper mache heads. On the ramp, she holds up her hand, calls her soul-bound axe, and buries it in the ramp, then enters the ring. During the actual fight, Sabine and her "do that wrestler thing where they run up to each other and just start hitting each other very fast and they’re sort of tied up."

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