Jesse Thorn was a druid and the leader of MaxFungiCon, a convention about fungi and mushrooms. He is based on his real-world namesake, proprietor Jesse Thorn[1].

Character History Edit

Jesse Thorn was mentioned by Lucian Buttwatcher at the beginning of The Flophouse Presents: Return of the Hogsbottom Three[2]. Thorn was murdered at an edition of MaxFungiCon that occurred at some point in the six months between the Hogsbottom Three's original adventure and their reunion in Kiln.

Lucian, who was in attendance at MaxFungiCon, solved the mystery of Thorn's death with his sometime sidekick, Gartholomule. To express her gratitude to Lucian, Thorn's widow gave Lucian the Vineweave Cloak.

Featured Episodes Edit

References and Footnotes Edit

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