Everything's gonna be okay. I've got magic powers.


Joaquin Terrero is a young man from the Plane of Thought who, on the day of the apocalypse, was filling in for his shithead brother at a South Beach Taco's food truck.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Joaquin

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Trivia Edit

  • Joaquin mains Genji in Overwatch. (However, his 6 round magic shot implies he may also like/main McCree - as McCree uses a 6 round shot for his ultimate.)
    • He may also enjoy playing Pharah, as in the finale he mimicked her ultimate to fight the Final John when summoned by Taako.
  • He canonically wears braces.
  • He is a high school student.
  • He was named after Tumblr user junkerrat[1]

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