Johann was an incredibly talented and cynical bard. His main job in the Bureau of Balance was to keep the Voidfish fed with his musical masterpieces, which bummed him out because his musical talent would never be enjoyed beyond the Bureau. He was the best violinist ever.[1]

Description Edit

He is described as wearing uncharacteristically silly colorful bardic clothes, with "billowing pantaloons", a feathered cap, a violin and a fiddle strapped to his back.

History Edit

Moonlighting Edit

The boys first meet Johann when he goes down the same elevator as them as they are on their way to be inoculated. He plays a composition which moves them to tears. This composition he plays is noted as "at least as good as Call Me Maybe". He seems to resent having to feed his compositions to the Voidfish, saying "there goes another great composition".

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Johann

Fan Art Edit

Taako Tuesdays -- Johann

Trivia Edit

  • Doesn't like to be tickled.
  • Named the Voidfish.
  • The Voidfish is his best friend.
  • He gets very sarcastic when bribed.
  • He handed out his "fire" mixtapes for Candlenights.
  • He treasures his rosewood violin the most.
  • Genuinely intimidated the Tres Horny Boys with his music.

References and Footnotes Edit


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