June, also known as Junebug by her father and other various residents, is a resident of the town of Refuge, and the former wielder of the Temporal Chalice.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

An unknown amount of time ago, June and her father Jack were brought to the town of Refuge by a Red Robe known as "The Visitor".

Pre-Eleventh Hour Edit

A year and a half before the events that take place in the loop of The Eleventh Hour, she got lost in the mines. Her father and Sheriff Isaak went looking for her. It was then that Isaak killed Jack by pushing him into the mine shaft, leading to the creation of Roswell and June picking up the Temporal Chalice.

The Eleventh Hour Edit

June was then kept in her own, personal time bubble on the platform in the room of Shaft B in the Quarry, where she aged a tremendous amount wielding the Temporal Chalice. She kept the town in loop on the day of The Eleventh Hour, to prevent Refuge from being destroyed by the purple worm.

After she is freed from her own bubble by Taako and the Chance Lance, she channels the voice of the Temporal Chalice to THB. After the three of them refuse the chalice's offer, her body is returned to her.

After Refuge ages the 7 years it missed, June is found working at the Davy Lamp alongside Ren.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When wielding the Temporal Chalice, June was able to keep the town of Refuge sealed within a time bubble, keeping the purple worm from destroying the city.

Items Edit

Former Items Edit

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring June

Fan Art Edit

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