Keetz is the briefly mentioned younger brother of the Vogue Elves, Lydia and Edward.

History Edit

Keetz was horribly sick with no hope of recovery, and the Elves became necromancers in an attempt to heal him. This failed, and Keetz passed. Keetz' death, however, pointed the Vogue Elves to their love of necromancy. So much so, that they became liches.

Their love for Keetz kept the two lich siblings alive for a long while, until they discovered their most recent form of nourishment; suffering.

Trivia Edit

  • Fans have speculated that Kravitz could be Edward's and Lydia's brother and that Keetz is simply a shortened form of his name. This theory can be backed up by the fact that in the second The The Adventure Zone Zone, Griffin revealed that during the finale of The Suffering Game, Magnus was originally supposed to end up in the astral plane and have a side adventure that involved Kravitz. However, whether this truly means that Kravitz is connected to Edward and Lydia remains to be seen.

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