Kravitz is a bounty hunter working for The Raven Queen (not to be confused with The Raven). Kravitz is presumed to reside within the Astral Plane. He speaks with a Cockney accent, but only when he's working.

Physical Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

His first form takes that of a strikingly handsome dark-haired man wearing a fancy suit that is covered by a long black, flowing cowled robe.

"Skeletal" Form Edit

His second known form sheds the human aspect and becomes skeletal with glowing red eyes and scythe appears in his hands. Basically he looks like the Grim Reaper

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much has been revealed about Kravitz beyond what he told Taako in episode 50:

Kravitz: I was given a pretty difficult choice when I was faced with the career of being a bounty hunter for the goddess of death. I didn't grow up wanting to be that, of course.

Taako: Who does?

Kravitz: No. I wanted to be a conductor. But unfortunately, you know, just... life finds a way... or death, I guess, the goddess of death.

Taako: In this case specifically, yeah, death.

Griffin later clarified in a tweet that Kravitz wanted to be an orchestral conductor and not a train conductor.[1]

Lunar Interlude IV Edit

As of Episode 50, Kravitz is a love interest for Taako; the two of them go on a date of sorts, and talk about seeing each other again.

The Suffering Game Edit

In Episode 56, Kravitz is seen being drowned by a thick tar-like liquid in the Astral Plane.

Lunar Interlude V Edit

Fortunately, as of Episode 58, it has been shown that Kravitz has freed himself from the tar-like liquid. Unfortunately, he is still trapped in the Astral Plane unable to communicate with The Raven Queen or the boys.

Story And Song Edit

In Episode 67, it is mentioned that Kravitz makes a deal with an unknown entity, presumably to escape the Astral Plane.

In Episode 68, Kravitz reunites with Taako, they kiss, and then declare their love for each other. Kravitz is introduced to Lup and Barry(who are liches), but quickly transforms to his skeletal form and flies off to help defeat The Hunger.

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Episodes featuring Kravitz

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Trivia Edit

  • During his Crystal Kingdom appearances, Kravitz changes accents: "I’ve got to switch between different accents to trick my prey! That’s not true. It’s just a fun little character trait I’ve got... I can also do a bunch of fun Michael Winslow-style sound effects."
  • His hands are very cold.
    • However, at Carey's and Killian's wedding in episode 69, his hands are described as warm, according to Griffin, this was caused by the power of love.
    • It is hypothesized by fans that, in addition to the power of love, Kravitz may have also stuck his hands in the sauce to warm them up [2].
  • Kravitz was named after twitter user @mackravitz
  • In a live show, it is revealed that Taako and Kravitz have at least one cat.
  • Fans have speculated that Kravitz could be Edward's and Lydia's brother and that Keats is simply a shortened form of his name. This theory can be backed up by the fact that in the second The The Adventure Zone Zone, Griffin revealed that during the finale of The Suffering Game, Magnus was originally supposed to end up in the astral plane and have a side adventure that involved Kravitz.

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Orchestra conductor, as specified by Griffin.