Leon is the artificer of the Bureau of Balance, who also runs the Fantasy Gashapon machine. He is constantly tormented by the Tres Horny Boys, and their inability to put a coin in a slot.

He has a large book that describes each of the items available in the Fantasy Gashapon.

History Edit

The Psychological Descent into Madness Edit

  • Ep. 9: Moonlighting - Chapter Three Leon introduces himself to the boys, and then explains the rules of the Fantasy Gashapon. Merle and Magnus manage to operate it correctly on the first try, but then Taako steps up to the machine. Taako hands Leon his coin, and, even after having his coin given back and the rules to the Fantasy Gashapon explained to him, has trouble figuring out whether to turn the Gachapon's handle left or right. This Foreshadows things to come for this poor, poor man.

Trivia Edit

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