Leon is the artificer of the Bureau of Balance, who also runs the Fantasy Gashapon machine. He is constantly tormented by the Tres Horny Boys, and their inability to put a coin in a slot.

He has a large book that describes each of the items available in the Fantasy Gashapon.

History Edit

Moonlighting Edit

Leon introduces himself to the boys, and then explains the rules of the Fantasy Gashapon. Merle and Magnus manage to operate it correctly on the first try, but then Taako steps up to the machine. Taako hands Leon his coin, and, even after having his coin given back and the rules to the Fantasy Gashapon explained to him, has trouble figuring out whether to turn the Gachapon's handle left or right. This Foreshadows things to come for this poor, poor man.

Lunar Interlude I Edit

Leon is seen handing out sunglasses to people so that they may watch the eclipse without damaging their precious eyeballs.

Later, the boys visit the Fantasy Gashapon. Merle and Magnus operate the machine without issue but Taako goofs it up. He once again hands Leon his token, twice, before putting it in the machine and Leon has to explain which way to turn the crank, again.

Lunar Interlude II Edit

On their next visit to the Gashapon, it seems Magnus has taken after Taako.

TRAVIS: Ok I hand Leon my coin.
GRIFFIN: Ok, Leon hands it back.
LEON: [exasperated] You guys, I can’t fuckin… every fucking time. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys… Guys. You have to put it in yourselves--
MAGNUS: That’s what she said.
GRIFFIN: Leon just-- Leon just stands up and leaves the room.

Leon briefly pops back in when Magnus starts punching the machine, trying to get a cool shield to drop, but he quickly decides that he’s had enough of these shenanigans and leaves again. Without Leon there, Taako effortlessly puts his token in the slot and turns the crank.

GRIFFIN: You’ve just made me angry. For Leon.
GRIFFIN: It feels like you’re antagonizing-- but I’m-- I do Leon, I feel like you’re just antagonizing your real brother now.

Lunar Interlude III Edit

After the Crystal Kingdom, the boys have to wait for Leon to get back from vacation as his family celebrates elven Candlenights, which lasts twice as long as other Candenights. He is immediately displeased to see the Tres Horny Boys again but has a plan for averting their shenanigans. He offers them three of the most delicious leftover Candlenights sweets...if they all use the Gashapon correctly on the first try. For additional motivation, he also transmutes each candy into the boys' favourite kind.

Magnus and Merle both use the Gashapon correctly but when it's his turn, Taako casts Blink. He reappears next to Leon, snatches the candy and puts his token in the poor man's hand. Leon drops the token as he falls to the ground, curls up in a ball and just starts weeping. Now happily chowing down on his candy, Taako retrieves his token and gets an item from the Gashapon.

Epilogue Edit

Following the Day of Story and Song (and possibly many years of therapy), Leon now works as the Bureau of Benevolence's treasurer. Good for him.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Leon

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