The world of the Balance Arc is filled with many fantastical and, occasionally, strange places.

Locations Edit

Bureau of Balance Edit

Main article: Bureau of Balance

The main HQ of the Bureau of Balance.

Chaos Stadium Edit

Main article: Chaos Stadium

The venue for Fantasy Wrestlemania.

Chug N Squeeze Edit

Main article: Chug N Squeeze

A wine and pottery shop located in the Bureau of Balance HQ.

Fantasy Costco Edit

Main article: Fantasy Costco

An independent retail store stocked with magical items and run by Garfield the Deals Warlock.

Goldcliff Edit

Main article: Goldcliff

A beautiful and scenic city filled with mostly wealthy people.

Phandalin Edit

Main article: Phandalin

A once-prosperous human village located to the southeast of Neverwinter. Is now just a black, glass circle after the Tres Horny Boys were done with it.

Refuge Edit

Main article: Refuge

A small, rustic town reminiscent of the Old West located in the Woven Gulch.

Rockport Edit

Main article: Rockport

A city of industry filled entirely with Tom Bodetts.

Tesseralia Edit

Main article: Tesseralia

One of the oldest civilizations on the 30th world encountered by the Red Robes.

The Animal Kingdom Edit

Main article: The Animal Kingdom

A plane devoid of humans and entirely occupied by herbivore animals, even common carnivore species such as wolves are herbivores in this plane.

The Eternal Stockade Edit

Main article: The Eternal Stockade

A prison for souls who conspire to escape the astral plane

The Mushroom Kingdom Edit

Main article: The Mushroom Kingdom

A plane that is approximately 80% covered in gigantic bioluminescent mushrooms that glow in bright neon hues at night and emit thick clouds of spores that are lethal if inhaled.

Wave Echo Cave Edit

Main article: Wave Echo Cave

A cave hidden among the Sword Mountains near Phandalin, and the place where the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet was originally kept.

Wonderland Edit

Main article: Wonderland

A building located in the Felicity Wilds that was used to trap adventurers and collect their suffering.

Woven Gulch Edit

Main article: Woven Gulch

An arid canyon land, located beyond Phandalin, Rockport, and Goldcliff, that is made up mostly of red clay.

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