The Lonely Hearts Cantina Trio was the Trio of adventurers present in the first Adventure Zone Maximum Fun Bonus Episode 2015.

History Edit

They initially take the Craig's List and want to take the job from Gundren Rockseeker. They challenge the Tres Horny Boys to various tasks for the job offering to see who the best adventurers are. The Trio consists of:

Romulus, the human fighter, described by Griffin as "tall, possibly the most handsome man you've ever seen in your entire life, with a bright blonde bouffant." He challenges Magnus to an arm wrestling competition, which Magnus wins.

Fran, the gnome cleric, who is a follower of Lathander. She challenges Merle to a battle to see who's god is the most responsive, which Merle wins (with the help of Taako).

Hambone, a wizard with big teeth which cause him to have a lisp. He has lived a #baglife, living in a bag by the river. He challenges Taako to a contest of riddles, which Taako wins. He is wonderful and very important to me and I'm sad he didn't have a wiki page before this.

The Trio is said to be dead, as they moved to Phandalin four days before its imminent destruction.

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