Luca is a skeleton regular human man living in a cave in Refuge.

Description Edit

He wears a tattered brown robe and wears an amulet of the sigil of Istus. As a skeleton, his skull had been painted in purples, yellows, and greens, almost like a Dia de los Muertos mask.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

When Luca was a flesh man, he was the chief cleric of the Temple Istus. He and his brother Redmond came to the town before the bubble. They came together to start up the Temple, but Redmond went into the private sector and started up his own farm.

The Eleventh Hour Edit

The Tres Horny Boys first meet Luca as a skeleton reading a Caleb Cleveland novel in a cave near the Temple of Istus. He tells them that, like Paloma, he is aware of the strange passage of time in Refuge, saying that time is sick in Refuge, and that it goes against everything Istus stands for: celebrating the normal passage of time. He then offers to help them get divine assistance from Istus, but only if they manage to get his brother to help him.

After getting Redmond's help, he and Luca are able to open up a doorway to Istus's realm. Later on, after getting Istus's assistance and saving Refuge, the boys visit the now rebuilt temple one last time, and see Luca, who now has flesh once again, reunited with his brother.

Items Edit

  • Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop Novel
  • Rug
  • Lantern

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