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I believe that, one of these times, we’re gonna get it right. And we’re gonna find a way to defeat The Hunger and... save everybody inside of it. I have to believe that, to keep doing what we do. Because I have to believe [choking up] that I’m gonna get...those fifteen dollars back from Greg fucking Grimmaldis!


Lup is the twin sister of Taako and the creator of the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet.


Early History

Lup and her brother, Taako, were passed around among family members, never sticking with any for long, after the age of 12. After years of this, they learned to only trust each other.

The Stolen Century

Lup joined the Institute of Planar Research with her twin brother, Taako, after reaching adulthood, presumably after the age of one hundred[1][2] to become part of her world's first group of explorers. They acted as both chefs and arcanists during the expedition, being sources of magical information.

Before leaving their home world, the crew goes to a biker bar to party and fight. Taako and Lup spend their time hustling people at pool. They take the losers' magical shoes since cash is worthless to them at this point.

Occurrences Afterward

The Red Robe mentioned her by name in the final episode of The Eleventh Hour ("Lup, they don't trust me. I can't do it anymore, Lup, I'm sorry."), and yelled "You found her!?" in episode 7 of the Crystal Kingdom after he saw the Umbra Staff. From the Red Robe's reaction and from the time the Umbra Staff burned "LUP" into the wall in Lunar Interlude III, it's implied that it belonged to Lup.

Lunar Interlude V

Part One reveals that Lup was the creator of the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet, and Barry has been searching for her for at least a decade. Additionally, when Taako equips the Band of Projected Thought, he hears a woman's voice that makes his heart swell, he knows this voice belongs to someone special to him but he cannot remember who. The voice tells him "Trust Barry. Love Barry. Taako, it’s - it’s me, it’s [static] it’s me, trust Barry." Part Two reveals that she is also Taako's sister. It is also insinuated that there was a relationship between Lup and Barry Bluejeans.

Featured Episodes

Fan Art


  • Popular fan theory is that "Lup" is short for "Chaalupa". It was later confirmed in the second The "The Adventure Zone" Zone that, while this was the original joke, fans often portray Taako (and by extension, his twin sister) as Latinx, and Griffin thought that this name might be misconstrued as racially insensitive. It is now canonically not short for anything.
  • Lup is a trans woman, and transitioned when she was fairly young.
  • Greg Grimmaldis owes Lup $15, which she more than likely will not receive seeing as how her home dimension, which is the dimension in which Greg Grimmaldis lived, was destroyed and eaten by the Hunger.
  • Lup has been nicknamed "The Vore Twin" by parts of the fandom, referring to her umbrella consuming wizards.

References and Footnotes

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