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Magic Brian is a Drow wizard and ex-Seeker for the Bureau of Balance.

History Edit

The players first encounter “The Black Spider” in Wave Echo Cave while searching for their employer, Gundren Rockseeker. He inquires whether they seek the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet, but the effects of the Voidfish render many of his words static-y. After seeing their confusion, he is welcoming and cordial to the boys and reveals his true name as Brian. Or Magic Brian, for clarity. While he and Taako hit it off immediately (bonding over their similar accents) and the Tres Horny Boys have no problem with his imprisonment of Killian, they do object to his plans on Gundren and enter a fight with Magic Brian and his actual humongous pet black spider (coincidentally named Spider Bryan). Magic Brian nearly kills Taako with one hit of Magic Missile, but is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Merle, Magnus, Renee the giant robot, and Taako’s “Abraca-FUCK YOU” Magic Missile.

As a final ploy, Magic Brian attempts a switcheroo by disguising himself as Gundren Rockseeker while the two are both obscured by the ledge of a massive pit. Magnus immediately sees through this charade (mostly due to Magic Brian maintaining his ridiculous accent) and finishes him off, Sparta style, by kicking him into the pit. Magic Brian then proceeds to fall for at least a full minute, expressing how proud he is that the adventurers have solved his magical riddle. Killian later confirms his death.

Some time later[1], Magic Brian returns as one of three spiritual escapees from the Astral Plane, who have taken robotic form and attempt to take vengeance on the main party. Shortly after, Brian and his two companions were banished back to the Astral Plane by Merle.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic Brian is a wizard and can do magic, and he also likely has the innate abilities common to Dark Elves (dark vision, etc).

Spells Edit

Items Edit

Former Items Edit

  • Big black spider, also named Bryan
  • Possibly also owned the grinder bot
  • Black robes and a tabard decorated with a white spider
  • Staff

Featured Episodes Edit

Fan Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Named after Twitter user, Brian Lee.
  • Had a fiance and was very close to being married. He wanted to invite Taako to the wedding.
  • In the Suffering Game the Boys fight a simulacrum of Magic Brian (and Spider Bryan) in the Boss Rush room.

Final Moments Edit

The Adventure Zone Magic Brian's Final Riddle05:18

The Adventure Zone Magic Brian's Final Riddle

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Ep. 36: The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Eight
  2. Previously said to be obliterated, but revealed in the next episode to just be banished.

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