Maureen Miller was an inventor and botanist of the prestigious Miller family.

History Edit

Maureen followed in the footsteps of Roman Miller and improved upon his elevator design in several iterations. She also developed the anti-gravity technology that allows the Miller Lab and the Bureau's headquarters to remain airborne.

Throughout her life she studied the planar system and the Cosmoscope, mirrors into the other planes, was her life's work. However, when she tested the Cosmoscope, the knowledge she received destroyed her mind and killed her body.

Upon dying her soul was transported to the astral plane and since she sought to escape she was imprisoned in The Eternal Stockade. With her son Lucas' help she did eventually escape but her mind was still shattered and upon gaining control of the robot body prepared for her, she attacked Lucas. She was eventually able to repair her mind by partitioning the knowledge she had gained into the internal memory of her robot body's conduit. However, she felt that she was still at risk of remembering for as long as she remained on the material plane and willingly returned to the astral plane to ensure this never happened.

Maureen's Prophecy Edit

This prophecy was spoken by the conduit that held Maureen's soul after the boys return home in Episode 39.

I saw all of existence, all at once. I saw a dark storm, a living hunger eating it from within. But I saw a brilliant light heralded by seven birds, flying tirelessly from the storm. I saw seven birds.

The Twins,
The Lover,
The Protector,
The Lonely Journal-keeper,
The Peacemaker,
And the Wordless One.

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