"It's a new year, a new MaxFunDrive, and a new you! How about a new story, with new characters too? It's The Adventure Zone!"

—The Announcer

(K)nights is a campaign of The Adventure Zone created as exclusive content for Maximum Fun donors.

Premise Edit

(K)nights follows the adventures of three unlikely heroes: Troth, a tiefling monk played by Justin, Tom Collins, a half-elf warlock bartender played by Griffin, and Lenny Manolito, a human keytar-playing bard played by Clint.

The three are forced to work together after a mysterious force ushers them into the bowels of the city to face a series of trials, only to soon find out that they have been chosen to lead The Beasts of the Ring, a revolutionary group that fights against the political corruption that plagues the city's leaders.

Characters Edit

Player Characters Edit

Guest Players Edit

NPCs Edit

Major NPCs Edit

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