Merrick is the CEO of Chaos Stadium and Fantasy Wrestlemania. He's in charge of paperwork for talent release, merchandising, and non-disclosure agreements, as well as... other purposes. 

Description Edit

He does not have the build of a professional fighter. When the gang first meets him inside of Chaos Stadium, he is wearing a button-up shirt tucked into some nerdy slacks. He has a big pair of round glasses and a big bushy beard. He has an almost perfectly round belly, but don't let that fool you. This dude is definitely not Santa Claus. His belly does not shake when he laughs like a bowlful of jelly.

History Edit

Merrick is introduced to the Tres Horny Boys by Jess. During this meeting, he has them sign contracts. Later on, he reveals himself to be a follower of Garrigos, and that Chaos Stadium has been a ruse to raise ultimate evil through excessive violence this whole time. He cuts open his robes to reveal that his belly is actually a dark red orb, and attempts to ressurect Garrigos with it. Magnus knocks it out of his hands, and, after a game of keep away, the boys manage to stop Garrigos's resurrection in time. As Garrigos sinks back to whatever realm it came from, it grabs Merrick with one of its many arms and drags him down with it.

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