Overwatch is a popular FPS game published in 2016 by the game developer company Blizzard Entertainment, and was mentioned in Episode 68: Story and Song- Finale, Part Two with Jeff Kaplan as the lead designer and head of the Overwatch dev team. While we do not know what heroes and changes to the game have occured in the Plane of Thought that do not occur in it's real world counterpart; we know the existence of Genji Shimada is a multiversal constant, as commented on by Taako during his conversation with Joaquin Terrero in which he called him a "Genji Main". Whether this is factual or simply a mockingful insult on Taako's part is however up for speculation, given that Joaquin has shown using his Taco magics to emulate the powers of another Overwatch hero, Jesse McCree.


  • Given that the Miller family's first planar gate was directed into the Plane of Thought, it's entirely possible that the Millers were developing their own version of Fantasy Overwatch, although given Taako's lack of understanding of the colorful game, suffice to say the Millers never capitalized on this money-making opportunity.

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