Paloma is a fortune-teller who lives out in the woods. A lot of people apparently don’t love that “she’s out there doing her own thing,”[1] but she’s very good at helping people get their bearings. She’s a witch who specializes in prophecy.

Paloma has an accent not unlike Bjork’s: adorable. When she gives prophecy, though, her voice shifts deeper. She wears a cooking apron and some white, frilly robes.

Although she lives inside the bubble, she retains some knowledge of the repeating hour and memories of having met Taako, Magnus, and Merle before.

Prophesies Edit

See also: Paloma's Prophecies

Game-wise, Paloma is present to keep them on-task. The crystal teardrops all contain prophecies. Small prophecies are good for immediate direction and cost one diamond, big prophecies are good for big-picture stuff and cost 10 diamonds apiece. She is amenable to exchanging small prophecies for magical trinkets, but is less enthusiastic about offering this deal for big prophecies.

PALOMA: The big prophecy is ten diamond, no, no no no. Not for a little cup! No, no. Magnus.
TRAVIS: So Griffin, I have a question before we move forward with this--
PALOMA: Is a cup!

Items Edit

  • A galaxy full of prophecies.
  • A bunch of delicious baked goods.
  • Magnus's magic tankard (for one loop, at least).
  • Temporarily: 11 diamonds.

Fan Art Edit

Taako Tuesdays -- Paloma

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Paloma

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Ren, Ep. 43.

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