Phandalin was a once-prosperous human village to the southeast of Neverwinter. It was completely destroyed by the power of the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet.

History Edit

Here There Be Gerblins Edit

After being ransacked by orcs, Phandalin was abandoned. Some dwarven businessmen sought to restore the town to its former glory, employing several underqualified contractors to escort supplies to the town. After reaching Wave Echo Cave and discovering the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet, it was revealed that Gundren's restoration operation was a front to recover the gauntlet and commit a racial genocide on orcs. However, Gundren proved unable to control the power of the Gauntlet and the entire town was destroyed in a massive supernova that left only a smoking, glassy crater. Subsequently, all knowledge of Phandalin was consumed by the Voidfish.

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