Robbie, more commonly known as Pringles, was Magnus, Merle and Taako's roommate before they were assigned more luxurious lodgings.

History Edit

Robbie shared a dorm with Merle, Magnus, and Taako and was apparently a very poor roommate. The Reclaimers went out on a mission and promised to bring him back some Pringles, but never delivered.

Robbie was imprisoned after being accused of treason against the Bureau. While imprisoned, Robbie claimed to have blacked out for a period of time and woken up in front of a large vault door in Lucretia's private quarters. This was clearly not a good place for him to be as he was arrested simply for being there.

It was later revealed that Barry Bluejeans had possessed Robbie, and used him in order to scope out the Director's private quarters, which contained the Voidfish's child.

Epilogue Edit

Following the Day of Story and Song, Robbie was released from his imprisonment and given a job as a snack supplier for the Bureau of Benevolence's construction crew. It seems the tables have turned.

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