Steven (or Stephen)[1] is a goldfish belonging to Magnus Burnsides. He is named after Magnus's father-in-law, Steven Waxmen.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Being a fish
  • Cuteness
  • Being the only character who has never done anything wrong, ever

Items Edit

Current Items Edit

  • Possibly a sweet summer look.

Former Items Edit

History Edit

Steven lives in a magical snowglobe-sized glass ball, which was inside the Mystery Bag Magnus bought at Fantasy Costco in Episode 17: Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos.

In Episode 18, Merle accidentally gains command over Steven by casting Channel Divinity: Charm Animals and Plants. He makes him poop... "And then the poop immediately dissolves in the water. It's a magic ball, and it dissolves the poop, and then the poop turns back into air, so stop asking about where the poop goes!" Griffin clarifies.

Steven might be a rogue, as mentioned in Episode 19.

In Episode 21, Magnus attempts to barter with Steven to join the Hammerhead Gang, but regrets it immediately.

Steven never leaves Magnus' side.[3] He used to be kept in Magnus' bag, but during the 2015 bonus episode he is briefly given the ability to speak. In that time he explains that he is afraid of the dark, and would rather be carried outside on a cool holster or something.

He is now carried on Magnus' belt.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes where Steven is mentioned

[Excluding The Stolen Century, Steven is by Magnus' side from Episode 17 and onwards]

Fan Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Travis has stated that both Steven and Stephen are correct spellings.[1]

References and Footnotes Edit

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    TRAVIS: Which, by the way, Steven the Goldfish is also in a quantum state where it is both with a “v” and with a “ph” depending on if I remember how I’ve spelt it before.
    GRIFFIN: It’s an audio medium folks!
  2. Steven has his own null suit

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