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The Stolen Century is the seventh story arc of The Balance Arc. It serves as a prequel to the events of The Balance Arc, and follows the adventures of the IPRE team as they travel to new planes of existence as they flee from The Hunger.

Note: This arc does not use the traditional D&D fifth edition rule set, instead using a game of Griffin's own devising, also called The Stolen Century.

Summary Edit


Objectives Edit

  • Find out what The Hunger is.
  • Keep The Hunger from getting stronger.
  • Learn how to stop The Hunger.
  • Make yourselves strong enough to stop The Hunger.
  • Gather resources in the form of bonds, assets, and experience.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Resources Edit

As of episode 63 the party has the following resources:

Merle Edit

  • 0 Assets
  • 5 Bonds
  • 1 Experience

Magnus Edit

  • 0 Assets
  • 7 Bonds
  • 1 Experience

Taako Edit

  • 3 Assets
  • 2 Bonds
  • 4 Experience

Long-Term Significance Edit


Sessions Edit

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