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Synopsis Edit

Griffin and Rachel had a baby! But that's not the only bundle of joy being delivered this week! We have a very special episode recorded live at MaxFunCon East! Our adventurers have been through a lot together, but they don't always work so well together. Well, the BoB higher ups have noticed and they've decided to do something about it! So join the fellas (and a very special guest!) as they grow closer as coworkers and friends!

The Money Zone Edit

Featured NPCs Edit

  • Art Goodfriend; owner, administrator, and counselor of Camp Goodfriend

Featured Music Edit

Featured Locations Edit

  • Camp Good Friend

Quotes Edit

Camp Goodfriend: helping you to be a better us!

—Art Goodfriend

You have to trust in the Universe to provide, death sometimes...

—Brad Bradson

References Edit

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