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Lucretia, also called The Director, is the leader and founder of the Bureau of Balance. Her name is known only to a select few. She is described as a middle-aged and largely exasperated human woman with dark skin, light hair, and a voice dripping with gravitas.

History Edit

Lucretia operates the Bureau of Balance. She is introduced to Merle, Magnus and Taako on the moon base after they've been inoculated by the Voidfish. After destroying the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet, she offers the three boys employment as Reclaimers.[1]

Prior to forming the Bureau, Lucretia unsuccessfully attempted to search for the Grand Relics alone. During this time she entered Wonderland, in a bid to use the park's contest to acquire the Relics, and lost twenty years of her life in a wager while inside. She ultimately betrayed her guide, Cam, in order to escape. She also had an unspecified but close and personal relationship with Capt. Captain Bain.

After the boys have returned six Relics it is revealed that Lucretia is actually one of the seven Red Robes who created the Grand Relics. She and the other Red Robes had tried to stave off the Hunger by creating the Relics, but their plan failed pretty massively. A huge power struggle broke out over the powerful relics, killing many and further strengthening the Hunger. She took it upon herself to erase the other Red Robe members' memories and later created the Bureau of Balance in order to fix their mistake once and for all.

Being part of the Red Robes and spending a century together, Lucretia and the boys would have been very familiar with each other but the boys had no way of remembering their shared past until they were inoculated by the baby Voidfish in episode 59.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Great question.

She uses her staff to activate the chamber that apparently destroys the Grand Relics.

Current Items Edit

  • Orange, blue, and white robes, initially described as "very ornate."
  • Magical-ish portrait of herself
  • White oak staff
  • The entire Bureau of Balance staff

Featured Episodes Edit

Fan Art Edit

Taako Tuesdays -- Fan art of Lucretia


  • Currently, Lucretia is the only character to have a canonically specified skin tone.
  • Lucretia can speak 8 languages.

References Edit

  1. Ep. 8.

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