The full Eleventh Hour OST album is available on Bandcamp. Its individual tracks are available on Griffin's Soundcloud.

"The Eleventh Hour" is an 9-episode story arc from The Adventure Zone, a D&D Actual Play podcast from the McElroy family. This album contains all the original songs featured in those episodes, plus a couple of sweet, sweet bonus tracks.


No Dogs on the Moon!Edit

Refuge Edit


The Davy LampEdit


The Clock Strikes Noon (Apocalypse!)Edit


Into the QuarryEdit

Big ProphecyEdit

What's the Plan? (Roswell Reprise)Edit

The Diary of Sheriff IsaakEdit

The Temple of IstusEdit

The ChaliceEdit

The Purple WormEdit


Bonus: A Wizard's Duel (Demo)Edit

[Track unavailable on Soundcloud]

Bonus: The Adventure Zone Nights ThemeEdit

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