The Hunger is a sentient plane that feeds on other planes, created from the bitter nihilism of an entire planar system and its inhabitants. It serves as the endgame, main antagonist of the Balance Arc campaign.

History Edit

The Stolen Century Edit

The Hunger is first encountered by the Red Robes as they are leaving their home planet. It starts attacking and feeding on their plane, forcing them to escape. It is not known how many planes it devoured before reaching the Red Robes' world but from there on it would relentlessly pursue them across space and time.

Cycle One Edit

A year later it finds them again in another plane, and it starts to attack and devour that plane as well. The Red Robes then watch as it grows slightly bigger from devouring the plane and its Light of Creation.

John Edit

Merle would eventually find a way to converse with the Hunger directly and found that it was controlled by a man named John. John reveals that he essentially created the Hunger. He was a philosopher and motivational speaker who came to realize the limitations of being mortal after pondering eternity, and came to believe that "living is horrible." He shared his dissatisfaction and fury with the people of his home plane, and soon everyone and even every thing came to agree with his worldview. It turned them into the Hunger, a force seeking to transcend existence regardless of the cost by chasing the Light of Creation, which allows the Hunger to exist and consume bonds for power.

Story and Song Edit

After the IPRE crew successfully hid the Light of Creation for a decade, The Hunger supposedly lost its way; rather than trying to overcome the laws of reality, it now simply wants to consume everything. John uses Parley to warn Merle that he's no longer in control of The Hunger, and gives him a hint to defeating it - breaking the bonds between it and the planes its consumed - before The Hunger drags him away.

When the boys, along with Lucretia and Davenport, are approaching The Hunger aboard the Starblaster, The Hunger fights back. It launches tendrils of darkness at them and while Davenport dodges most of them, some of the black material lands on the ship. It coalesces into the shape of John, now fully under The Hunger's control. The boys battle Shadow John and Magnus lands the final blow with the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom, impaling him through the chest. For a moment it seems the boys have won as Shadow John looks panicked and desperate but then he smiles and transforms into Final John.

Final John is a nightmarish creature emerging from a black opal pool, where it’s buried up to its thick, jagged torso. It has two long arms ending in razor-sharp, three-fingered claws and skeletal wings made of multicolored light. That same light also makes up a crown sitting on top of its head, and its face is now featureless.

Planes Devoured Edit

All known planes that have been devoured by The Hunger.

  • The Red Robes' plane
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • The (K)nights plane
  • The Legato Conservatory
  • The Judge's World

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring The Hunger

Trivia Edit

  • The Hunger's appearance was inspired by black opal.
  • Lucretia came up with the name "The Hunger".
  • The Hunger bears some resemblance to The Blob from Car Boys.

References Edit

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