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The Light Of Creation, a mysterious force discovered and investigated by the Institute of Planar Research and Exploration, is described as being the power to create anything given a tangible form, possibly having been used to create the entire multiverse.

Description Edit

The Light, as would be expected, looks like a ball of beautiful light. It's tangible and it doesn't hurt or burn to hold.

It also has another peculiar quality- it projects out a desire to be used and wanted, which likely later manifests as thralls in the Grand Relics.

Episode History Edit

  • Ep. 39: The Light of Creation was first referred to in Maureen's fuse box message, which mentioned a brilliant light heralded by seven birds flying away from a living Hunger.
  • Ep. 47: The Chalice speaking through June says that its power is only a seventh of what it was. What it had been was some truly incredible force that could breathe life into whole realities.
  • Ep. 59: Taako and Merle remember that the Light of Creation had been chased down and sealed into all of the Grand Relics by the seven Red Robes in an effort to stave off The Hunger. Lucretia reveals that breaking up the Light of Creation was a mistake, but by bringing it back together, she might use it to protect them from The Hunger for good.
  • Ep. 60: The Light of Creation's origin and nature is revealed within the first few minutes of the episode, and is the thing that the seven Red Robes will be chasing down throughout The Stolen Century arc as one of their objectives.

Abilities Edit

  • Creation, of course (it's in the name).
  • Promoting scientific advancements and discoveries (helped the THB's homeplanet make huge advancements in technology, enough to create a ship that can travel throughout the planar system, and also helped the Animal Kingdom's citizens develop buildings and tools).
  • Promote growth, as the mushrooms in The Mushroom Kingdom grew bigger around where it landed.

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