The Mushroom Kingdom is the 8th world the Red Robes encounter during the Stolen Century.

Description Edit

Approximately 80% of the planet's surface is covered in gigantic bioluminescent mushrooms that glow in bright neon hues at night and emit thick clouds of spores that are lethal if inhaled. The only beings who seem immune to these spores are human-sized mushroom beings who cultivate and wander the mushroom forest during the day.

There are a few settlements in the areas free from mushrooms and they are inhabited by smaller races, such as halflings, gnomes and dwarves, these inhabitants wear masks to protect themselves against the spores. The settlements are tightly packed and surrounded by rows of bonfires to keep the mushrooms at bay. At night, scorch teams are sent out to fight back the mushroom forest but it is an uphill battle as new spores are constantly being released.